In an attempt to head off all the ‘What do you want for your birthday?’ questions, I have started a wishlist page. I have been reading like a fiend as of late so as of the moment it’s just a bunch of books that caught my eye while surfing amazon and other sites. I will try to add stuff and keep it up to date.

The linkis available on the right under ‘pages’.

Adventures in Dogsitting

At Uno’s this past Thursday, Max shared a hilarious anecdote with us, that I have in turn, repeated several times since. So, as blogs are what they are, I will tell it once more for all of you to read.

Max has this friend that had to dog sit and care for this dog while the couple who owned it were away. The first or second night she came back from school to check in on the dog. The dog was dead.

At this point I broke out laughing because I thought that was hilarious in an ironic kind of way and I also thought that was the end of the story. I mean, the girl was supposed to care for this dog and before she even got a chance, the dog was dead. But that wasn’t the end of the story!

Not sure what to do, she calls the vet. She tells the vet what happened and he tells her to bring the dog in for an autopsy. Now, she didn’t have a pet carrier or anything normal to put the dog in so she resorted to putting the dog in a duffel bag of some sort. (I’m laughing even harder at this point.)

Not only did she not have something proper to put the dog in, but she also didn’t have a car to take to the vet. She resorted to taking the subway while she carried the bag with the dog in it. (Tears are welling up in my eyes because I’m laughing so hard now.) At some point a man offered to help her with the bag and she acquiesced. He mentioned how heavy the bag was and asked what she had in it. Pausing, not sure what to say, she responded that it contained DJ equipment… the guy bolts with the bag, running off, unbeknownst to him, with a dead dog he thought was DJ equipment.

I nearly fell out of my chair at that. We are still waiting to hear the conclusion because the couple had yet to return and the girl still wasn’t sure what she was going to tell them.

Props to Max for that story.

Spice is not nice

Everyone is always on my case that I need to eat better, though they always miss the fact that I don’t drink anything carbonated nor do I eat red meat. Anyway, I finally went grocery shopping two days ago after a month and a half of being out of food and supplies. It wasn’t such a bad outting this time since I had eaten prior to going.

I tried to get a few extra small things that might make the majority of what I eat slightly less awful for me. Ramen, for instance. I eat two packages of ramen per sitting. Last night I made my usual two package serving of Ramen. This time, though, I did not add any of the flavoring. Instead, I added some seasoning that my roommate, Greg loves. The seasoning was lemon pepper. Smelled good enough that it might be ok. Greg’s never had any problem with it. I’ve even seen him put the stuff on potato chips, ramen, chinese food, you name it. I figured, if it works for him, maybe it’ll work for me.

Worst ramen I have ever eaten. Hands down.

It very nearly came all back up. I was only able to eat half of my serving. Apparently I put too much seasoning in.

Whatever, next time I’ll try soy sauce or actually adding some pieces of chicken.

Baltimore Gallery is up!

July 7th – 9th, Jeff and I headed down to Baltimore and we brought Red Sox Nation with us!

The gallery is up.

And if your curious, this was the only Orioles fan in our entire section at Camden Yards on Friday night.

Be sure to check out the Red Sox and Crabs subsections!

Thanks to Christy and Marnie for pointing out the Automate Batch feature in photoshop!

[Edit – Crazy: Updated my gallery plugin and fixed links appropriately. 2006.06.03]

Link Dump 2005.07.24

Today’s Links are brought to you via MAKEzine.com.

A Gameboy Emulator is in the works for the iPod. Still in a very Beta stage.

Build your own paper rocket! Might be ideal for the office setting. :)

Build your own Coffee Can Foundry. Who couldn’t use their own mini-foundry?

Some more of the ever popular Case Mods. Some case mods impress me more and more everytime I look at them.

How to make a 13-pound Gummi Bear!

Home Distillation of Alcohol.

Oil Cooled PC. Bascially a pc in a fish tank filled with oil to cool. Normally I wouldn’t link to this because its been done before, but the commentary is great considering the…uhmm…obstacles they hit.

More Sony Librie Hacking. This gives you file access I think to whats on the ebook reader.

Enjoy Everything

As I sat on my daily morning commute today on the Red Line, I noticed that 3 of the large posters that normally try to sell us everything from Foxwoods Casino to a college education to learning Swahili, were reversed so that the blank white backing was facing out. Upon two of these posters a statement was written in black marker. The first read, “Enjoy Everything.”, while the second read, “Thank you for your smile.” On the third poster, a facial profile was drawn of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop with “The Real Folk Blues” written beneath. I was surprised not only by the sheer randomness and disappointment that noone else noticed, but also by the actual quality of the drawn profile.

Times like these make me wish I had spent a little more and gotten a cameraphone.

Beware the Lunch Coma!

There are few things that motivate me to change old habits.

I have found a new one in the form of the Lunch Coma.

I do not have the most exciting of jobs, but I do like it and wish to be better in it. Everyday at lunch, I normally have a large meal. Its rivals the size of my dinners and often times trumps it. Eating all this food, however, and then going back to my cubicle to stare at a monitor for another 6 hours is a trial. With the exception of a single day, I have gotten lunch coma everyday I have worked here and nearly everyday at my last job as well.

The past couple days I have tried modifying my eating habits in the hope it would help. So far, it has little to no effect, though I have found a few other methods to try and keep myself awake including brushing my teeth. I’m trying just about anything at this point.

As a sidenote, the only day I outwitted the lunch coma was on free ice cream scoop day at Ben & Jerry’s. I got the Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz. I think that had caffeine in the caffeine.

Movements of the Bowel

Everyday at work around 2 o’clock or so there is a guy that is always in the bathroom.

He is not washing his hands. He is not at the urinal. He is dropping a deuce, pinching off a loaf, dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool, however you like to say it. This guy shits regularly, everyday like clock work.

I went in today and someone was in the other stall. I’m not sure if it was this guy again, but I wasn’t terribly concerned. I had movements of my own to make. I won’t get terribly graphic, but there really are some days you are just waiting for the person in the next stall to yell, “You sank my Battleshit!”

I think I got most of the fleet today.