Fan of a fan

As I said a few posts ago, I posted a video for Powet on the 4 Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive figures from their 7th Kingdom property. When they saw it, they said it was awesome and that they were going to send me the figure I was missing and a free T-shirt. Well the package was waiting for me when I went home for Thanksgiving. (I have all my mail delivered to my parents house) You can only imagine my excitement.

4Horsemen's parcel

This picture was taken with my new camera!

Powet Toys: FANtastic Exclusive 2006

Yesterday saw the release of another PowetToys video segment I made. It was very warmly received. So much so that, after posting it on the FANtastic Forums, the Four Horsemen (who created and sculpted these figures) responded saying that it was awesome and they were going to send me a free T-Shirt and the Variant figure that I could not get a hold of because he sold out so fast. That was by far the most gratifying thing to happen to me since we started Powet.TV.

You can see the video with show notes here:
FANtastic Exclusive 2006

Modern Day History Lessons

Wandering aimlessly from youTube video to youTube video, as I do often, I came across the most fascinating series of clips that I have found yet. I sat there for all ten minutes of the first clip, absolutely enthralled by what this man had to say. He is a 94 year old World War 2 veteran who lived in Japan in the 50’s. In these clips, he recalls what Japan was like in the post-war era and a lot of his interaction with the Japanese while living there. He also talks a great deal about a great friendship he made with one of his former enemies. I am absolutely humbled by watching these.

The video I first came to was the 5th in this series. It can be found here. I watched all of the others and so should you.

This is what youTube was made for, and this is what keeps it going…that and a lot of young girls that like to dance in front of a camera to whatever music they can find.

Here are the other clips from that series:

I hope I live half as interesting a life as this man.

Photo Opportunity

After some careful consideration, I decided I needed a new digital camera. I have a wonderful camera right now, but its just too bulky and too big to tote around at the conventions. I need to have a camera that can be taken out quickly and be ready to snap photos right away and I need it to be small so I can fit it in a pocket. I decided that I have had very good luck with my current camera and that was a Fuji so I would stick with FujiFilm on this one. FujiFilm also uses a proprietary memory card which I already have anyway so that barrier of entry was already broken.

The first camera I considered was the FujiFilm F30. Its a compact class camera and has some very nice features.

The second camera I considered was the FujiFilm Z3. Its an ultra-compact class camera with very similar features to the F30. The megapixel rating for this one is slightly lower, but at 5 megapixels its still far beyond the 3.2 megapixels of my current camera. I am not looking for the best of the best, I am just looking for an upgrade in both quality and size. This camera was both, however, it requires a dock to connect to the computer instead of just a direct USB port on the camera itself. That is also how the camera recharges. That is a huge deal to me. If I run out of power and have to recharge it I have to have the camera be out of commission. I found out, however, that you can buy additional rechargeable batteries to swap and there is a portable battery charger. This pretty much eliminated most of my reservations about the camera.

After weighing all of my options, the pros and cons of each and what I really needed I ordered the Z3 a few minutes.

I am sure many future pictures that appear on here will be taken by that camera, so I will be sure to take a few pictures so everyone can see whats taking those great photos!