First Day at Work

The day is quickly coming to a close, and so has my first day at my new job.

Things I’ve learned on my first day:

  • If your late to the Monday morning meeting on your first day, you don’t have to give a speech to an entire floor’s worth of people.
  • If you call someone Ken, you have an 80% chance of getting their name right.
  • No matter what company it is, you will never have a network login, email, id badge, and everything else they are supposed to give you in the first 10 minutes until the first week is over.
  • If you get to work early, but your new manager keeps you waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes so that you are late, its ok because you don’t have to give a speech.
  • There will always be someone on instant messenger at work, even if it isn’t me.

Other than that, it was ok, but most of the department spent the day in meetings or putting out little support issues, so I think tomorrow will be a day where I meet more people and learn some more of what I’m going to do. That, or after thanksgiving.

Time to throw the dice.

Today was my last day of work at NES.

I will very much miss this job, but a risk isn’t a risk without something involved being sacrificed.

I probably passed out 40 or more little slips of paper with my contact info on it to different people in the company. I can expect maybe a tenth of that to even attempt to stay in touch, though in truth I hope its a lot more than that.

(EDIT – by today I mean the 19th. Man its getting late.)
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A day after I get the email stating I was to receive a full refund, I received another email saying my case shipped.

Being the utterly confused kid I am, I responded asking which was the case. I receive a response from my nemesis, It had a Fedex tracking number in it. I think to myself, hmmm…I really just wanted my refund, but if this is real, I’m ok with that.

A day later I notice the destination of the package for the tracking number they sent me is Oro Vally, AZ. -_-

I sent them another email. An hour later, my mom calls saying a big package came in the mail from I go to my parents’ house after work and pick it up. It was a Thursday night, so I met up with the Duke, Dave, Nate and Dan at Uno’s. I get back at night and take my case out of the box.

Wrong Case.

So now when I return this awful imiation of a good case, they will probably not refund the shipping they charged for this cheaper case AND I’ll have to foot the shipping back to them.

This has been the worst consumer experience I have ever been put through. I can’t wait until this order is finally cancelled and I receive the case I want from some other site.


Edward 40-Hands

In the true nature of the house I live in, my housemates created a new drinking game while in the packy looking for booze on Friday evening.

Edward 40-Hands.

I’m sure there are worse drinking games, but I have yet to play them. In this, as soon as I walked in the door, someone duct-taped a 40oz Bud Light to each of my hands. Noone could remove them until both had been finished. Knowing how low my tolerance is, that was already a bad idea, but since I came in late everyone was done with their first when I started. Man down.

I finished the first, but not before they did shots and someone had to pour the shot into my mouth. Once I finished the first, I tore the duct tape off with my teeth and put the untouched 40 back in the fridge. I was already drunk, no sense getting myself sick at the beginning of the weekend.

Victory decided he could not meet my demands and has cancelled my order and told billing to issue me a refund.

I’m glad that all got cleared up in an efficient manner over the past 3 MONTHS!

Getting hosed by

So i order a new case on on August 22nd, 2004 as a birthday gift to myself.
This is the case I ordered: Goth case

I call a month later asking where my case is after nothing being entered in their tracking system on their website and the case still being listed as ‘in stock’ in its listing. They say its on back order. Should come in next week. I call next week. The parts are in they just have to be assembled and shipped. Another month goes by with no notice of the status of my order whatsoever. I call, email, and try their live support with no success to get through. I finally leave a message on their voicemail. I get an email saying the parts arrived damaged and were unshippable and that I should try to substitute for another case. I tell them i’m willing to substitute for this case. They want more money for it.

I sent the following email to them:
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Elective Pandemonium

The 2004 Presidential race is almost done with. The polls have started to close and many states have already been declared victories on both sides.

I voted early this morning. It took me nearly an hour because I registered on the last day to be eligible to vote in this election, but the primary voting list was printed up before the day’s registrants had been completely process. Totally bogus. I almost had to fill out a challenged ballot with my name and address on it.

Utterly unimpressive.

Now we all just sit here and wonder how in the hell so many people voted for the other guy and if theres enough to pull through for our guy.

Politics. Pffft…