Link Dump 2006.01.31

This is your link dump for January 31, 2006.

The Optimus Mini is being released and is available for pre-order this week. This is the precursor to the long awaited Optimus OLED Keyboard.

WordPress 2.0.1 has been released. (I won’t be upgrading until I hear reviews. Its going to break a number of my plug-ins and I want to know its going to be worth it. So far its not.)

WhyReboot? This little app will tell you what is in queue to execute on your computer for the next reboot. Haven’t tried it out yet, but definitely a neat concept. Especially if your trying to de-spyware your pc.

Clean your aquarium with magnets.

Voting on the finalists for the 2006 Bloggies has begun.
Link. The Boston blog from the same publishers that brought you I’ve been reading it the past few days and its actually pretty good with local events and news, not to mention the colorful local commentary that is a part of Boston. I found this post in particular to be a very Boston news item. I love this city.

Boston Blogs and Podcasts. I was surprised when I found this section on

The Pee Tree.

Wok The Fuck?

Stewie getting own web talk show.

Python 2.4 Quick Reference.

Fold your shirts.

I don’t know what it is about folding laundry, but I rarely do it well. Invariably I always have wrinkles in the shirt when I take it out of the drawer to wear. This is the reason I am so fascinated by this video. I’ve watched it over and over and still have trouble following, buts its damn cool for something so mundane. Leave it to the Japanese.

You won!…two weeks ago

Underworld EvolutionI read the Metro Boston every morning on my commute into the city for work. Every once in a while there is a notice in the entertainment section to email your name and address into the listed email address and you can win a free ticket for two to an advanced screening to the latest hot movie.

Two weeks ago I sent in my information for the Underworld Evolution screening as soon as I got out of my first meeting that day at work. After that, I quickly forgot about it. The day of the screening came and passed. Underworld Evolution came out in theaters and I went opening night. I liked it and thought it was a good sequel. I’ll certainly keep the movie poster up in my room.

I just came back from my parents house to pick up my mail and discovered, mixed in amongst the mailings, an envelope from The Metro Boston. I ripped it open and sure enough there was a voucher inside with Kate Beckinsdale on it staring back at me. So I won the tickets for the screening that happened two weeks ago. -_-

Rep yo' line, Boston!

After a company outting at Whiskey’s on Boylston Street last Thursday, I took the subway home. I got on the train at Copley Station and took it to Park Street. In my mild intoxication passing through Park Street Station, I passed the kiosk on the Green Line level that I pass everyday. For whatever reason, I glanced over and noticed a skull cap with the MBTA logo on it. I stopped myself on the way to the stairs down to the Red Line platform and forced myself to go back to the kiosk and confirm what I saw just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. It was, indeed, exactly what I had seen. I asked the woman behind the counter how much it was and she replied US$10. I can’t be certain if I giggled or not, but I remember the woman behind the counter giggling at me. When she asked me which one I wanted, I said the top one would do. She held one up and asked if the silver one was ok and I was hit by a moment of comprehension. I realized the logos were different colors, each representing a different subway line. As soon as I realized this, I said, nearly shouting, “No! I’ll take a red one!” Gotta represent my Red Line after all.

Red Line, reprazent.

Two years worth of leftovers

It is time to clean out the fridge when you go to put some leftovers in it and find leftovers dating back to the previous year.

2 Years of Leftovers

Might be hard to make out but they say, from top to bottom:

Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Pasta

Looks like its time to switch back to the pizza.

Car under ice

I didn’t really go out this past weekend. It was mostly inclement weather and I had some work to do. The rain was particularly bad on Sunday. As soon as my alarm went off Monday morning, I was instantly cold. Usually thats a hint thats its quite cold outside because there is a window in the basement that keeps opening and we can’t seem to keep it closed. It makes for a chilly winter. I was running on time when I walked outside and heard an ice scraper scraping away at the windshield of one of my roommates’ cars. It instantly occured to me that I did not go out all weekend and it is now 10 degrees farenheit. (32 degrees is the temperature at which water freezes for those on the Centigrade scale.)

I tried my remote starter and my car wouldn’t turn over and start. I put my key in the lock and tried to unlock the door. When I pulled the handle, the door wouldn’t budge. I tried the passenger door and the key wouldn’t even turn in that lock. The tailgate was frozen shut, no matter how I tried to open it. At this point, Eddie had come over and helped me with all of these doors. I’m started to panic a little because if I don’t get to the Braintree parking garage by 07:20 EST, the garage is full and I have to head to the Quincy Adams T Station and fight through a great deal of traffic to park there. Eddie suggested getting some hot water and pouring it over the door. In my panic, this sounded like a viable option. At that moment, any suggestion would have sounded like a viable option. So I went inside and got some steaming hot water in a glass and brought it outside. As I poured some of the water on the frame of my driver’s side door, I watched it instantly freeze. In effect, leaving me worse off. Not realizing I had gotten some water on my glove, I tried to wipe at the window. Instantly, my glove was frozen to the window. Flabberghasted, I had the option of leaving the glove on the window for the rest of the day and hope it wouldn’t get lost as my car heated up on the way to the T station, or just pulling and praying it didn’t rip the glove. Still in a semi-panicked state, I pulled quickly on the glove and it broke free without any visible damage. However, in my rage of irrational fury, I took the glass with the hot water still in it and splashed the rest of the water across my windshield. I realized immediately what I had done as I watched another thick layer of ice form on my windshield. -_-

This was not turning out to be my day. I went back inside, semi-defeated, in order to regroup and think of another strategy. Around that time, I remembered my mother had gotten me some lock de-icer as part of a big bag of practical gifts for Hannukah in 2004 and it was still in my room. I ran downstairs and grabbed one of the cannisters and rushed outside back to my car. One spritz in the lock and my key turned just a bit further. Just enough though, that I heard the door fully unlock and with a quick tug, the door opened. I started my car and sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for the car to heat up. After a while I decided I could wait no longer and grabbed my ice scraper. I went to work quickly and furiously on the windshield. Fortunately some of it had started to melt, not all of it though. For that reason, my wrists were in a great deal of pain for the next day and a half.

When I drove into the Braintree parking garage 45 minutes late, I was astounded to see that I could not only get in, but there were so many open spots that I didn’t even have to park on the roof. It was Martin Luther King Day and I had no idea. So the day turned around after that, even though it seemed like we were the only company working in the state that day.

The Penalty of Stability Part 2

To better the chance of success with the reload of my system, I am writing a ‘script’ of procedures for myself to follow. I have started with a fairly extensive list of the applications I use now that I would like to re-install in addition to a few other apps I am using to replace some I was unhappy with.

So here is my application install list so far to install on Windows XP: