Is your refrigerator running?

Yesterday I decided to be ambitious. The little icebox in my mini-fridge had about an inch thick layer of ice all around and in general the inside of the fridge was fairly dirty. I took this opportunity to clean all the old food out and defrost the fridge. In my attempt to outfox nature and science, I put a plastic container underneath the icebox to catch the dripping ice water so it wouldn’t make a mess. In addition, I put a brand new blue towel at the bottom of the fridge to absorb the water that did not drip in the container.

I failed to predict the possibility that the ice might fall in chunks before it all melted, so a few large chunks missed the container, saturating the towel and still dripping onto my floor.

The kicker?

The towel ran. There is a blue puddle stain on my floor now until I feel so motivated as to apply cleaning products to remove it. One day this room will be clean. Granted, it may be the day after I move out.

Did Lucas, himself, go to the Dark side?

I had the opportunity to go see Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith on Thursday.

I must say I was very pleased with this movie. It had everything it needed to have and was more story driven that the first two atroci…er I mean movies. I was reading a review that I thought was amusing. It said, “To say that Lucas cannot write a romance scene is an understatement. A greeting card shows more emotion.” It was completely accurate too, from my point of view. Other than that, the movie wasn’t really dumbed down or catering to anyone other than tying up all the loose ends to lead into the original trilogy. It made me sad to see Aayla Secura die though. :(

I was reading a few articles today about the movies. The first was an interview with Ian McDiarmid, aka Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious. The other article I read had an interesting commentary from the original director of Star Wars Episodes 4 & 5 (A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, respectively). The article talked of the potential of a sequel trilogy following the exploits of Luke Skywalker as a Jedi knight, but revealed something rather different.

The director was mentioned as saying at the time of the first Star Wars movie (episode 4) that there was enough material to do as many as 12 movies, but 9 would be the more likely outcome. The original full blown plan potentially could have had the trilogy, a prequel trilogy and a sequel trilogy. Lucas apparently had a timeline written out expansing this whole timeline and lots of background on it all. Originally, Return of the Jedi never involved Ewoks, a second Death Star, nor the death of the Emperor. It did, however, contain the death of Han Solo among other things. Leia would leave to help lead the survivors of her former planet and Luke would continue training. The Emperor, originally, was only supposed to have a few cameos and not even show up until the end of the sequel trilogy where an older, more disciplined Luke Skywalker would confront the evil Sith Lord.
This director left over differences with Lucas over the Return of the Jedi film. The director was apparently quite opposed to the changes that Lucas instituted to the original storyline. The first of a long line of changes, Lucas has made with immense backlash from the fandom. I wonder if Yoda was originally supposed to die in Jedi like he did.

Oh, to be a proofreader of that original draft of the timeline!

Feel free to post your thoughts.

On another note, I’m thinking about going back and re-reading the Star Wars books I’ve read and reading some others I have that I just never got around to.

E3 Roundup

E3 hasn’t even ended and there have already been astounding announcements made by all the console makers for their next generation consoles.

Live report from Launch Panel


Pics and Live coverage of Launch Panel

Nintendo Revolution
(the biggest surprise of all!)
Live coverage from Nintendo Panel
Revolution: What we know thus far
UPDATE: Multiple colors!

Nintendo Gameboy Micro

GBM: What we know thus far
Better Picture
UPDATE: More pictures, More Colors and styles

All in all everything was rather impressive. Interesting that SquareEnix went with Microsoft for FFXI. The GBM looks like it might be the best GB yet. I’m seriously considering getting one. In fact I’m seriously considering buying everything except an XBox360. The PS3 backward compatibility sold me, but it really does have the most impressive specs. The Revolution really surprised me. I was impressed how much they are trying to appeal to developers with innovation and not necesarily impressive specs. The kicker is the fact that they are making the entire NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube libraries playable on this console in some way. I was blown away by that when I read it and it totally sold me. Even if I don’t buy a single Revolution game, the ability to play all those other games is astounding. Heck I got a GBA:SP just to play pokemon and the NES Classic Super Mario Brothers.

Feel free to leave feedback with your thoughts!

Expense This

I decided it was time for a little hardware upgrade for my current setup.

You may say, these seem fairly superficial. I may say yes, but here’s why. The monitor I have is a 19″ CRT that might be bigger than some of my roommates’ cars and I have had it now for about 4 years now. My father has graciously offered to take it off my hands for his own use once the new LCD panel comes in.

The harddrive, well, just look at the price. I can always use more space and sadly my 160 GB drive is giving me some problems lately, so I will be swapping it out for the new one and maybe try to fix whatever the formatting issue is with the 160GB while its free from use. This should put me well over the 500 GB mark not including the 160 I’ll be taking out.

The network switch I have immediate need for. Sadly, the wireless Netgear adapter I had on my server met with an unfortunate end. So I need to get my server back on the network and this will also give me extra ports for peripherals and my laptop(s).

Hahaha! Cookies on Dowels!

This might be the greatest random quote generator page ever.

[To Jan and Jace] You rotten kids! This is all your fault! I owe you nothing! Without me you’d be on the Herculoids’ planet following Gleep and Gloop with brooms! And you two are no longer friends of mine! I’m tellin that fat geekanerd who does my webpage to officially list you two ingrates as enemies from now on!
–Space Ghost

Photo Galleries

What a productive day I’m having. The RSS is in fact fixed with the upgrade. The Duke confirmed it for me. Many thanks go to Lady Demona for the help with the Lazy Gallery plug-in that doesn’t like brinkster.

We now have Galleries. Some pictures from my trip to Australia are up, in addition to some pictures I snapped at AnimeBoston2005. Enjoy! I’ll be adding more pictures soon.

[Edit – Crazy: I upgraded my galleries today so most of these links won’t work properly. Fair warning. 2006.06.03]

WordPress 1.5.1

I’ve upgraded again. This version will supposedly fix the broken RSS feeds on IIS hosted blogs like mine. Please let me know if it fixed it or not.

With the new upgrade I got rid of all the custom stuff I had and got a theme I found made by someone else. I’ll be tweaking it over the next few weeks to get it where I want it, but hopefully this will be the first of several changes for the better.

Not at home

This is an email exchange I had with a roommate yesterday while I was at work.


What’s going on with the net at home? I have no


I know for a fact that I don’t have any type of
sharing software open. So its not me.

start > run > cmd > hit ok

type ‘ping 192.168.[x].[x]’

tell me what happens.


I’m not at home, but I will print this and bring it home with me.