The Hardest Button to Button

I went to the bathroom this afternoon just before I left work. As I was finishing up at the urinal, one of my coworkers sidled up to the other urinal and went about his business. I zipped up my fly and my fingers went to feel for the button to button up the top, but as I did this I hear a clink in the urinal. I looked down and there is the button of my brand new pants sitting in this porcelain urinary track we call a urinal. I muttered some obscenity and my coworker laughed, turned his head and said, “Time to go fishin’!” -_-

I managed to get the button out and furiously washed it in the sink (and washed my hands three times!). This was the third time I had worn these pants. What a kick in the junk!

Ronnie Goes to Washinton D.C.

Last weekend, I took a trip down to Washington D.C. to visit my buddy Justin for his birthday. We were there for a total of 36 hours and 10 minutes, about 6 miles of walking and seeing the sites, and one crazy and entertaining Saturday night. Oh, and Ronnie decided to come too.

I’ve posted my pictures from the trip up to the Galleries section and will upload everyone else’s pictures when they give them to me. I really only brought my camera out for the sightseeing. Max and the Duke should have more pictures from the rest of the trip.


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Flash Game of the Week: Escape!

First, I would like to apologize ahead of time for giving out this link. This game is one of those game that make you irrationally furious for its simplicity and irresistable need to continue playing and beat your friends’ high score. I played this at my old job quite a bit and managed to get somewhere around 50 some odd seconds. After playing a little bit today, I hit 26.719 seconds. That shouldn’t be a hard score to beat. Good Luck!

Move the red cube by dragging it with your mouse and avoid the blue shapes without going outside the boundaries.


Pay My Bill

I picked my mail up from my parents’ house last Thursday and among the various spam, bills, and fan mail, I found my credit card bill. I didn’t get a chance to actually open it up until Friday night. As I perused the charges, I made sure to note when I needed to send it in by since I was several days late the month before last. The very last thing I need is to start getting bad credit because I’m so absent-minded. Of course, the payment due date was for March 11, 2006. For those not keeping track, thats Saturday, as in the next day. Naturally, I freaked out. It was really late at night and was practically Saturday already, so I did what anyone else would have done in my situation. I went to bed.

In the morning, I roused myself to see the bill sprawled across my keyboard, at which point I freaked out again. It was pretty obvious at that point that mailing the check out via snail mail was out of the question and that I somehow needed to make an online payment to my credit card company as soon as possible. I asked a couple of my roommates what they normally do, but that wasn’t terribly helpful since neither had the same credit card company as me. One had the same bank I do and had a good tip for setting up regular payments, but that didn’t really help my immediate need. I gave up and went online to my credit card company’s website and found the online transfer section conveniently labeled “Pay My Bill”, admittedly though I was looking for the tab labeled “Somebody Else Pay My Bill.” One can always hope.

After entering a dubiously small amount of information and specifying the amount I wanted to transfer, the site said the transaction was successful. I had gotten it in by 3pm on Saturday which means its supposed to post that day, allowing my payment be on time. It wasn’t showing up though on the site. I realized there was nothing else that could be done until Monday if it continued to not appear in my account. After about 36 hours of slight panic about it, though I checked the site again and it appeared in my recent activity. Not only that, but it said it was as of the 11th (on time) and no site of any late fees or finance charges. I may need to look into this online banking thing more seriously. It could not have been more convenient and easy to do, unless I had an assistant to pay all my bills for me. One goal at a time.

Only as old as you feel…

I was perusing the Metro on my commute into work this morning, when I came across an article I found hilarious and wrong at the same time. At least once a week, the Metro runs a section called ‘Its tough out there: The Best and Worst of CraigsList’.

Here was today’s:

Snow on the Roof, Fire in the Furnace? Tall, slim white male looking for older female, no upper age limit, prefer Black or Asian since I’ve had experience with both, but open to others. When I was 26 I was with a 59 year old for a while (until her daughter, who was older than me, disapproved), now I have one 65 year old sensual friend I’ve been with for 5 years, and am looking for another, or others. So if you’ve noticed me checking you out, and you want more than hot flashes to keep you warm, get in touch…

I was unable to find the actual listing for this, but either way its still classic. I showed it to someone at work and I think he threw up in his mouth a little.


Some may have noticed there is a new link in the blogroll on the right.

I have become a contributing author on POWET.TV.

POWET is a gaming, movie, toy and pop culture news site soon to be adding some video and audio offerings as well. I will be contributing mostly to the toys section for now.

I encourage everyone to bookmark the site or add the RSS to your list of feeds and register an account and comment on stories. We’re looking for an interactive, fun and informative environment.

If you have any news you think should be added, feel free to send an email to:

news at powet dot tv

Remember to include your source, whatever name you want us to give credit to and anything else you feel pertinent.

Hunt for the Sentinel

2 Saturdays ago I spent the morning on a mission.

My mission, should I choose to finish it, was to complete the Marvel Legends Sentinel build-a-figure before the Apocalypse wave came.

After 5 stores and having to pay double price for a few of the figures because I could only find them in a comic shop, not only did I complete the Sentinel, but I completed Apocalypse as well. Sadly, due to a production error one of the figures was missing a piece to Apocalypse. I had to call Toy Biz Customer Service and they were quick to acknowledge the problem and send me out the missing piece via mail. I rarely run into such excellent encouters with any customer service, but Toy Biz definitely came through.

I posted a gallery of a few of the figures after I finished putting the two big ones together.

Halt! Mutant!

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Link Dump 2006.03.01

Here is you link dump for March 1, 2006.

Katamari in real life! For those not in the know, Katamari is a game where there is an odd looking character that basically rolls stuff into a ball, but when I say stuff, I’m talking lawn ornaments, cars, whatever is in the way.


Coverage of ToyFair 2006.
Of particular interest are the Hasbro, Toy Biz and Toynami booths.


Another Katamari reference. This time in the form of Lego.


Spiderman robs comic store. (with video!)


Last minute auctions. Links to auctions ending very soon on ebay. Pretty cool for bid sniping.


Build your own hoverboard.


Snowball fighting is an official sport in Japan now.


How to put DVDs on your iPod (or other video player)


Some crazy japanese commercials featuring Arnold Schwartzenegger.


A pretty nice mod for an LCD monitor.


The Juggernaut, Bitch!